About us


The SPORTKIND brand is unique for many reasons. It is produced locally in European sites, it uses only high-quality functional fabric and has a fantastic array on different colours. From these combined elements something very special arises. 

With love for every detail and passion for sports, the style of the continuously developing SPORTKIND collection is designed in Augsburg, Germany. The production of the SPORTKIND brand is carried out in medium-sized family businesses across Europe. As a result, SPORTKIND can ensure that the products are made under fair conditions and all the while minimise carbon emissions due to the shorter delivery distances. 

The premium, highly-breathable fabric originates from Italian weaving mills. The microfibre dries quickly and guarantee’s excellent comfort which enhances athletic performance. The fabric is certified according to Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® and provides both adults and children protection from UV radiation (UPF 50+).

With more than 20 different colours and every in-between size the SPORTKIND collection has a tremendous assortment at its command with countless possible combinations. Thanks to the mostly unicoloured, timeless design the SPORTKIND products can be complemented easily over the years and are suited for any kind of activities such as tennis, golf, field-hockey, training or fitness.


Discover the world of SPORTKIND and find your new favourite outfit!